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Cindy Torres, © 2012
Cindy Torres, © 2012
Our Work
SOURCE Local Foods is your connection to the freshest, locally grown and locally processed food in Colorado. We distribute all-local, natural, and organic produce, meats, cheeses, dairy, and more. Please click here to join our mailing list so you receive our newsletters and other updates. If you are interested in learning more about the products we deliver please give us a call!
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Our Focus
We’re focused on providing high-quality food, straight from the SOURCE, so our customers can focus on what matters most - their food, their menus, and their bottom line.
Local Produce
Our Mission
By strengthening the connections between local farmers and local food buyers, we’re working to create increased sales and market reach for local products, and easier access to fresh and nutritious foods for Colorado food buyers.
Welcome to Source Local Foods Local Organic Farm We provide timely and efficient distribution services between local food producers and wholesale food buyers such as restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and institutions throughout Colorado.

For us, it’s all about creating easier, more efficient ways to buy locally grown and locally processed food. Through our SOURCE local producer network, we maintain a direct connection to every producer we serve, ensuring fast harvest-to-table turnaround and effective delivery services for value-added products along the Front Range.

Please contact us for more information on how we can help you obtain fresh, natural, all-local foods for your kitchen.