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SOURCE the FOOD APP is a game changer for the natural and local food market. Empowering individuals with real-time food data, SOURCE the FOOD APP unleashes consumer demand driving purchasing $$$’s to restaurants, grocers & cafes.



SOURCE the FOOD APP – profile & features

  • Mobile App for iPhone & Droid
  • Simple, elegant user experience
  • Free to consumers
  • Searchable DIRECTORY with Farm/Restaurant/Grocery/Café products & profiles
  • Advertising/marketing channel for retailers (B to C)
  • Food product attributes & source data
  • Food miles calculator – auto calculated for any product, any time


SOURCE the FOOD APP – what does it do?

SOURCE the FOOD APP is a powerful DIRECTORY search tool. It is a marketing, advertising and communication channel for restaurant, grocery, café and hospitality businesses. The APP delivers robust, real-time supply chain data to consumers through a fun, elegant user experience that allows searches using any combination of critera (product, product attributes, farm/source, distance, product category, retail location, retail category, “catch all”). Farm, restaurant and grocery profiles & pictures along with links to websites and social media provide consumers with the stories behind the food they’re sourcing and the businesses making it available to them.


SOURCE the FOOD APP – a la carte business model

  • Basic package
  • Custom promotions, coupons & daily specials
  • Search result priority
  • Tiered data package
  • Data upload service