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Cindy Torres, © 2012
Cindy Torres, © 2012
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Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association

The Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association (CFVGA) is a new 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization that will help improve the business sustainability and profitability of commercial fruit and vegetable growers in Colorado of all sizes, organic and conventional, direct marketing (farmers market, CSA, produce stand, etc.) and wholesale marketing.

CFVGA Brochure
CFVGA 1st Annual Conference
The Go-To Resource for Colorado Growers

Colorado Chef’s Association

The Colorado Chefs Association, a chapter of the American Culinary Federation, is an association of Chefs, Cooks, Baking and Pastry Professionals, Purveyors, Producers and other Culinary Professionals.

Colorado Restaurant Association (CRA)

With its “Going Green” initiative, the CRA has enhanced its mission of representing, educating and promoting Colorado’s food service industry for its hundreds of member restaurant and food-service companies.

Colorado Proud

Better for you. Better for Colorado. Look for the Colorado Proud logo at grocery stores, farmers' markets, garden centers and restaurants. By buying locally grown, raised and processed food and agricultural products, you are receiving high quality fresh products and helping Colorado's economy, local farmers, ranchers, greenhouses, manufacturers and processors in your area.

Colorado MarketMaker

MarketMaker is a national partnership of land grant institutions and State Departments of Agriculture dedicated to the development of a comprehensive interactive database of food industry marketing and business data. Put simply, MarketMaker is a platform that seeks to foster business relationships between producers and consumers of food industry products and services.

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union (RMFU)

A progressive, grassroots organization, the RMFU works with farmers and ranchers to strengthen rural communities and promote stewardship of land and water resources.