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Source Newsletter

Dan Blei (Warehouse and Delivery OPS F1 Hybrid)

Dan spent 2 years as a full time employee on a small-scale organic farm in New Hampshire, specializing in fruits, veggies and flowers. Since relocating to Colorado, Dan has worked at Aspen Moon Farm, an organic and biodynamic farm in Hygiene, and at OAK at fourteenth in Boulder. He thinks landing at SOURCE is an excellent balance of these two types of work.

Dan is excited to connect farmers with a community that is hungry for locally produced food. Dan's go-to favorite dish is arugula pesto pizza, topped with any and every vegetable in season on his home-made crispy crust. Sounds like he and Chef Daniel of Root Down are going to have to have a cook-off!

Nick Chambers (SoCo SOURCErer)

A Colorado Native, Nick has consulted with the company over several years before joining full time in the Spring of 2013. Nick and his wife Alycia have created a beautiful homestead farm, Chokecherry Farm, in the San Luis Valley, where they raise their two children, Avery and Isabella. With a small CSA, the farm provides fresh, local produce to the Crestone community. Representing both recycOil and SOURCE in the San Luis Valley, Upper Arkansas Valley / 285-Corridor and Summit County (where he grew up shredding the slopes).

Nick is also an avid drummer and an educator – he teaches renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and primitive survival skills all over the region, including at the Santa Fe Community College and Colorado Mountain College.

Nick loves just about any food – whether it’s wild-harvested black bear with wild onion sprouts and juniper berries, or a good old down-home Italian spinach lasagna with a rockin’ garden salad and vinaigrette. He is excited about the ambitious, youthful and visionary company culture, and envisions integrating greenhouse production for increased supply and a franchise model that can be shared in communities around the country. Of course, he aspires to be known for doing great work, and for helping to keep the trucks full at all times!

Luke Eisenhauer (Resourcoil Skywalker)

One of the company founders, Luke was its very first employee in 2005! He grew up in upstate New York, Connecticut and Pittsburgh, PA. He lived in rural Ohio while a student at Oberlin College before moving to Colorado in 2002. He currently lives in Boulder with his wife, Joy, and children Sophia Rose and Sage Alexander. Luke is passionate about cooking really great tasting meals using the best ingredients that fit in his family’s budget. This could be a simple soup or meat loaf made with as many organic ingredients as possible, but always seasoned to taste awesome! He is also passionate about recycling in the kitchen – using bones and onion skins for soup stocks, composting every last scrap. He says “no waste – too much went into growing and preparing food to waste a shred!” Luke envisions our company having multiple, profitable businesses thriving on a central shared campus; a hub for our team, our customers and the community. He sees a beautiful place where a lot of good work gets done – with many trees, agricultural crops and areas to test new ideas throughout the property. He would like everybody to know what an honor it is to be creating something new together – and says: “let’s make it great! Let’s envision a future we’re totally psyched for, and let’s do our best to have fun on this sometimes bumpy ride!”

When he’s not managing operations at SOURCE and RECYCOIL, Luke loves playing upright bass, guitar, singing and writing a song once every year or two, along with sitting in with his old bluegrass band, the Stanleytones occasionally. He also plays on a few soccer teams and skis and snowboards as much as this busy life permits.

Luke’s favorite food (to choose among many) is fresh Ecuadorian fruit salad from ripe mangoes, bananas, red bananas, passion fruit and pineapples with fresh squeezed lime. Damn!

Bill Frantz The "Local" Yoda, Colorado Springs Outside Sales Rep

Bill wears many hats. He's been a chef for the past 17 years, with boutique hotels, catering groups and private universities. With all of his experience, Bill also does restaurant consulting. Currently, Bill finds great joy operating his own 4 acre homestead. In this space he runs a community supported kitchen program that assembles prepared foods from his property and other local producers. Shares are then given back to those in need. While he grew up building houses with his father, Bill found a passion for food and farming, and hasn't looked back since.

In joining the SOURCE Local Foods team, Bill is most excited about telling the stories of local food growers and artisans in hopes to secure the vitality of agriculture and sustainable food systems here in Colorado.

One of Bill's local favorite summer dishes to prepare is heirloom tomato bruschetta, with fresh picked basil, Colorado Mills sunflower oil, sea salt and grilled homemade brioche. Doesn't sound too shabby dining out at his homestead!

Jenee Gianola (The Ace in the Whole)

Jenee joins the SOURCE team with a heavy retail career history. Previous companies that she has worked with include New Balance, Adidas and Whole Foods Market. We are excited to bridge Jenee's previous Whole Foods Market experience into her current sales position with SOURCE Local. New opportunities, new people, and individually driven success excite Jenee in her new role at SOURCE Local Foods. A favorite dish she enjoys cooking right now is red curry with vegetables and shrimp.

Hilary Gordon (Green Goddess)

Hilary has been with the company since November, 2013, where she rocks SOURCE sales in the Boulder area market, where she was born and raised. Before working with SOURCE, she managed and served at Radda Trattoria, Mateo Restaurant Provencal and the esteemed Boulder Wine Merchant in Boulder. She has also spent time in the vineyard, harvesting, and in the wine cellar at the Clos du tue Boeuf + Puzelat-Bonhomme in Les Montils, Centre France and in Sicily, Italy, where she worked an olive oil harvest at Mollica Olive Oil in Calatafimi. Hilary is a certified Sommelier, and is fluent in Dutch. She loves studying the world of wine, snowboarding, tennis and is currently learning French. Hilary’s vision for the company is to continue fighting the good fight for sustainability and quality in the food market, as well as expanding into the organic wine and spirits market. Hilary is passionate about the future.

Hilary’s favorite dish is lasagna… probably paired with a delicious Sangiovese – either a chianti or rosso di montalcino!

Rich L. Hamlin (The Meat Guy)

An expert chef, and protein guru, Rich has been with SOURCE since November 2012. He operated his own natural meat distribution company and, as a nutritionist, is a huge proponent of naturally raised and sustainably managed livestock. Rich is a leader who values the development of fun, functional company culture – and has brought his wife Cherri in to share her expertise in management leadership. Rich and Cherri are proud parents of Joseph (a freshman at CU-Boulder) and Dustin (who plays football and wrestles at Erie High School).

Rich would love to see SOURCE in a nice warehouse facility with a training center, full kitchen, restaurant and retail shop, with our own greenhouses nearby to custom grow produce for SOURCE customers. Rich envisions being best known for sourcing the best damn local meat you can find in this state!

Rich’s culinary expertise ranges from fall-off-the-bone braised bison short ribs to killer split pea & pork stew. When not rocking in the meat world, Rich can be found rocking out to shows at Red Rocks, jamming on his guitar and napping or fishing beside a peaceful body of water.

Rich is very fond of Asian food, espeically Thai cuisine.

Josh Hansen (Warehouse Padawan)

Josh has extensive experience in the local foods world. His past work experience includes Circle Fresh Farms Warehouse Coordinator, Growers Organic order puller, and Boulder Fresh Farms Farm Manager.

Josh is excited to be a part of a company that specializes in bringing high quality local products to markets and restaurants across the state. Working at SOURCE Local Foods has already introduced him to many local producers and exposure to amazing products. As for cooking in his kitchen, you'll find that Josh specializes in breakfasts, followed by a sweet treat of different flavored chocolate truffles from time to time.

Evan J. Horenovsky (Marketing Manager & Product Jedi)

Evan has been with the company since the beginning of 2012. He originally started out as a recycOil Sales & Customer Service rep, and was then recruited by the team launching SOURCE. After several months driving, selling, stocking, receiving and building systems, Evan became SOURCE’s Marketing Manager and Product Jedi – and as such manages all manner of grocery, dairy, produce and beverage buying and supply management.

Evan envisions a future in which SOURCE has a warehousing node on the West Slope to facilitate greater flow with the fruit and vegetable growers out in the land of the mighty Colorado River! When not working his SOURCE Jedi magic, Evan teaches Yoga, rock climbs and plays bass guitar. Always working to improve systems and infrastructure, Evan is keen on cultivating SOURCE to scale in volume and diversity of product offerings.

Evan really loves rack of lamb, mashed potatoes and buttercup squash.

Victor Juan (El Presidente)

Victor has been with the company April 2012, working as a rock-star driver for both RECYCOIL and SOURCE. Vic and his wife Tanya have two children, and live in Longmont. Vic loves coming to work every day because of the great team and the great environment. He values fairness and accountability among the team members, and is proud that we have such nice trucks with such a great appearance on the road.

Victor envisions expanding and multiplying in terms of our trucks, customers, employees, and thinks we might run semi’s within the next five years too. He also foresees adding additional services such as trap grease service. He endeavors to be known as a team player who will do whatever needs to be done for the best of the company as a whole.

His favorite dish is steak sautéed with onions, served with mashed potatoes, asparagus and broccoli.

Richard Laubenstein (Jedi Advisor Uncle Dick)

Richard Laubenstein (Dick) has informally advised RECYCOIL and SOURCE for several years, leading to his formal joining of the Board of Advisors and becoming a partner in January, 2013. Dick grew up in Little Falls, NY, and with his wife of 42 years (and high school sweetheart!) Mary, currently splits his time between Syracuse, NY and Telluride, CO, where he loves skiing, golfing, hunting elk and deer, hiking and other outdoor activities. He also loves spending time with his children, Jeff and Amy, and his grand-children Katie and Drew. Dick envisions the company growing into a regional and national company over the next several years while retaining a small company culture. He is most passionate about supporting local growers who show a commitment to sustainability and organic farming.

Dick’s favorite dishes are spaghetti and meatballs and linguini with red clam sauce.

Adam Lewis (Jedi Steward of Sustainability)

Adam Lewis has been a friend and observer of the company since its inception, and joined as an investor partner in 2013. He grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, and now lives in Aspen, CO with his wife Melony and two sons, Max and Ben. Adam envisions the company to still be learning and growing over the coming years, and to be solving important problems for people so that we have a meaningful place in their lives and in their stomachs and kitchens. He is also a believer that renewable energy can really work, but recognizes that it requires us moving together as a society to get there.

Adam’s favorite hobbies are cycling, skiing, playing tennis and gardening. Hel loves all kinds of food, but especially salads, ribs and burgers.

Michele Lewis (Resident Foodie)

Michele has been with the company since October 2013. She previously hailed from Vail, where she enjoyed skiing and other mountain sports while also working at some of the finest restaurants in that mountain resort community. Michele grew up in Pittsburg, PA, but wants everybody to know she is a Broncos fan! Her passion for recycling, renewable energy and local foods has been a solo mission up until joining the company, where she can now share her passion with other people! Michele envisions SOURCE growing and raising awareness of the local foods movement while continuing to let people know the importance of knowing where our food comes from. She would like to see more schools serving local fare, and thinks educating children about how we got to where we are as a society and what can be done about it is hugely important. Michele enjoys snowboarding, surfing, hiking, biking, kayaking, golf and pretty much anything else that involves being outside, along with painting, photography and jewelry making. She has a wonderful Aussie Shepard mix named Lady, whom she loves like a child!

Her favorite dish to cook and eat is chicken tikka masala – she loves how spicy it is and cooling it down with tzatziki sauce and serving it with naan bread and garnished with fresh cilantro.

Ruben Millares (Change Analyst & Number Artist Extraordinaire)

Ruben joined the company as an investment advisor and representative to Adam Lewis in the summer of 2013. He grew up in Miami, Florida, which is where he currently lives. Ruben brings an amazing combination of sharp business acumen and analytical skills with a profound passion for and commitment to sustainable development and the support of projects and organizations that are working toward a more sustainable future. He identifies his passion for assisting in analyzing cutting edge projects that will affect the future of our world. He envisions the company producing revolutionary ideas in the area of local food distribution.

When he’s not working at the office, Ruben can be found pursuing his career as an emerging artist, and is a lead in his rock n roll band the Smiling Gums, both of which, to be sure, are not hobbies! He loves cheeseburgers with fries and stonecrabs!

Martin Newton (Globe Trotter)

Martin has been with the company since 2005 as an investor, manager and member of the Board of Directors. He grew up in Bremerhaven Germany and Colorado Springs, and now lives in Boulder. Martin envisions the company continuing to develop unique software and logistics expertise and to grow into the premier regional organization connecting local growers and producers with retailers and consumers, and connecting organics recycling producers with end users like biodiesel and compost manufacturers. Martin enjoys cooking (he went to the French Culinary Institute in New York City), skiing running and traveling the globe. He is most passionate about never preaching, but leading by example when it comes to sustainability. He is happily single, and is left handed but right footed!

Martin’s favorite cuisine is grilled meat and anything German.

Aaron Perry (Chief Grease Guy & Chief Fungi)

Aaron co-founded RECYCOIL in 2005 with a specific intention that he and the team would expand into other enterprises focused on regional sustainability in food, energy, organics recycling and water. With the launch of SOURCE in 2012, Aaron is thrilled to be deepening relationships with growers, ranchers, food manufacturers, chefs, facility managers and other Jedis throughout the region. He has two children, who would more likely refer to him as the chief goof-ball.

Aaron envisions a future in which all of the company’s facilities and activities are located on an integrated campus, in part because he believes that this will enhance the creativity and innovation among the team and the outside stakeholders, customers and suppliers who will flock to the homebase campus. He looks forward to vertically integrating in food production, renewable energy supply chains, and organics recycling. When he’s not working, Aaron loves to hang out with his kids, to write and paint, and reads voraciously. He loves music too – anything from classical to dub step, from jazz to hip hop.

His favorite meals are too many to list here, but he absolutely loves bacon wrapped jalapenos with cream cheese, a killer massaged kale salad with fresh lemon zest and toasted almonds, and loves Brussels sprouts sautéed in olive oil and garlic cloves with an umami-full grated parmesan sprinkled on top.

Marcia Perry (Wookiee Assistant)

Marcia has been with the company in spirit since its inception, and has been working with the company since November, 2013. She grew up in Little Falls, NY, and has lived in Colorado since the mid 1980s. She believes in not wasting (especially food), not being pulled in to consumerism (distinguishing between: “do I need this, or do I want this?”), and dressing according to the climate/outside temperature so as not to use resources excessively. Living simply like this is an ongoing, private passion that Marcia has been practicing for years. As “Wookiee Assistant” Marcia is happy to provide administrative and accounting support to the SOURCE team. She has three “amazing” adult sons, Aaron, Ethan and Michael, and two beautiful grandchildren, Osha and Hunter, along with a very special partner, Bruce, who has two teenage sons, Chris and Matt.

Marcia enjoys socializing with her family and friends, tenting, fly fishing, skiing, book club with the ladies, gardening, yoga and golf. A lover of food, Marcia has many favorites, but eggplant parmesan tops the list!

Michael Powers

Mike has been with the company since December 2013. He was born in Philadelphia and grew up in the Ann Arbor Michigan area (he remembers visiting Zingerman’s in that company’s early days and is blown away to see and hear how they’ve grown). He has cooked as a chef on and off for years, and remembers getting a serious burn when cooking French toast early one morning at his Grandmother’s house when he was about four. He hasn’t stopped cooking since! (He is proud to be one of the only people who knows his Grandma’s spaghetti sauce recipe). One of his favorite places to cook was the Movable Feast in Ann Arbor. He now lives in Denver his partner Alison, his 2 year old daughter Isis. His 20 year old son, Jamin, lives in Ann Arbor, where he’s raising Mike’s grandson Brooklynn.

Mike would like to see the company involved in education programs for local elementary schools and culinary schools.

Mike’s favorite dish is a Salami sandwich with French fries.

Manuel Reyes (Delivery Jedi)

Manny joins SOURCE Local Foods from previous work building scaffolds in Wyoming. He is excited to take in beautiful Colorado while traveling throughout the state delivering local goods to our customers, as well as retrieving product from our partner farms, ranches and artisan manufactures. While, Manny doesn't claim to be much of a cook, you can talk him in to preparing a mean dish of eggs and sausage to get your day going right!

Dave Schambach (El Capitán Produce)

Dave may have the curse of Chief Niwot. He previously worked for SOURCE Local Foods as an Operations Manager. Since then he worked at one of our favorite producers, Full Circle Farms. Dodging winter, Dave spent this past season surfing in Central America. During this time he volunteered at the area soup kitchen and aided in beach reforestation. He's now been pulled back to the forces of SOURCE Local, re-joining our team as our captain of produce!

Dave loves cooking good food, fresh produce, and being part of the local food movement in Colorado! What he's most excited about with his new position at SOURCE, "the fact that I can skateboard between the warehouse and my desk several times a day!!"

Carly Silberman (Consultant de Cuisine)

Carly has been with the company since the summer of 2013. She loves cooking and baking, and one of her favorite dishes is apple kale risotto. Carly lives in Boulder with her husband Steve and their young daughter Rose – Carly and Steve are both avid cyclists and expect Rose will be riding stages of the Tour de France someday soon.

Carly would love to see SOURCE launch a 100% locally-sourced restaurant (and would love to cook there in her “spare time”). She also likes gardening and traveling to special spots all over the world (and to enjoy the local cuisine). She originally hails from upstate New York, and has called Colorado “home” for over 13 years. She is a former pastry chef and has worked at several notable concepts in the Boulder area. She is inspired to work to make a notable difference in the diets of current and future generations.

Dr. Ralph (Bud) Sorenson (Jedi Entrepreneur Champion)

Bud Sorenson has been with the company as a partner and Advisor since January, 2013. He has been married to his lovely wife Charlotte 53 years, and has three great kids (all married), who each have two kids (a boy and a girl), making six brilliant and adorable grand children. Bud has lived in Boulder since 1992 and was born and brought up in the mid-west in Illinois and Ohio. He also lived in Iceland for a year, the Philippines (2 years), Switzerland (4 years) and Boston (25 years). Bud is passionate about spreading the word about the benefits of eating healthy, organic, delicious foods toward the goal of helping people to eat in a better, more balanced way and fostering safer and more sustainable agricultural practices. In terms of renewable energy, he drives a plug-in hybrid Prius, but still tries to bike whenever possible instead of driving. He and his wife try to be as frugal as possible with heating and cooling of their home, and Bud has been active with The Nature Conservancy in their preservation and conservation efforts. Bud envisions the company becoming a successful, profitable role model for the local farm-to-retail-and-restaurant sourcing and delivery of food both in Colorado and in other parts of the country.

Bud’s hobbies are biking, reading, book club, lunch club, skiing, boogie-boarding, writing a memoir, enjoying time with his family and grandkids. His favorite meal is oatmeal plus soft scrambled eggs and English Muffins.

John F. Steiner (Ops Ewok)

John Steiner joined the SOURCE Team in June of 2013. He sees his role as building a bridge between our sales team, buyers, drivers and customers, and brings a zen-like calm to his systematic work in the warehouse – absorbing chaos and building systems. John envisions a future in which SOURCE nurtures scores of young, aspiring farmers to become successful producers of nutritious food in our community. He sees sustainable agriculture as “blowing up” as a career path among people in their 20’s and wants to be personally known for his work to scale and develop SOURCE’s logistics and supply chain relationships to support and cultivate these farmers’ work to provide custom “primo” produce in a network of growers. He says, “picture all of our farmer partners saying “awesome the SOURCE truck is here” when we arrive.”

John’s favorite dish is herb encrusted lamb chops. When he is not enjoying an amazing meal and conversation with his wife, Bea (who is also a local food enthusiast and professional), he is probably marveling at the Lives of Plutarch, fishing for trout in a remote location, or watching his beloved Georgia Bulldogs play college football.

Al Stemp (Esquire de Cuisine)

Al has been with the company since its inception as a founding partner and member of Board of Directors. He grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, went to undergrad at Penn State, and attended graduate and law school in Boulder, CO, and lives with his wife, Christina and two boys, Liam and Ronan in Los Angeles, CA. Al and his wife are passionate about their local farmers market (to the point of obsession), and their year-round Sunday morning ritual is visiting the market which has an amazing wealth of sustainable and organic local produce – constantly reminding them how fortunate they are to live there in southern California! Al enjoys reading, traveling, wine, running his whiskey club (lawhiskeysociety.com), and doing anything outside with his kids like swimming, soccer and hiking.

Al has too many favorite meals and dishes to pick a single one, but fondly remembers an amazing meal with Aaron at the Italian restaurant in LA called Osteria Mozza.

Kevin Story (The Local Guy)

Kevin has been with the company since January 2013. He has been a local foodie in the mountain resort communities of Vail, Beaver Creek, Glenwood Springs, Carbondale and Aspen for years. He and his two sons are avid 4H leaders, and Kevin is also an expert marksman. When not selling the smack out of amazing local products to some of the grooviest high-country chefs in the country, Kevin can be found boating on Lake Powell and contemplating rabbit production in the mountains.

An avid gardener since a “tyke” and later a small-scale mountain farmer, Kevin envisions SOURCE being needed by chefs from corner-to-corner throughout Colorado for their local, sustainable, high quality food purchasing. He is personally excited to be a key link for many small producers to help them scale and become more profitable by providing a key distribution link to them.

His favorite food is red snapper over field greens with soy-ginger vinaigrette.

Elizabeth Stringer (Cajun Counter)

Elizabeth has been with the company since May 2013 and rocks the administration and bookkeeping for both RECYCOIL and SOURCE. Born on the Bayou, Elizabeth loves cooking Cajun cuisine, gardening, sailing, listening to live music (especially the blues!) and hanging out with her grandkids. Elizabeth used to race sail boats, and loves the ocean, beach and sand between her toes!

Elizabeth is excited to see the company continue to grow, while maintaining a non-corporate company culture, and for the entire team to benefit from all of our hard work. She sees a future where the company is flush with cash and we are expanding while deepening our dedication to local farmers. A self-sustainable future for the company, in which we have our own warehouse is part of Elizabeth’s vision for the future. She would also like SOURCE to help gulf family farmers on the bayou access markets with their seafood products.

Her all time favorite to cook and eat is jambalaya or gumbo and boiled crabs…and she’ll tell you she’s a certified coonass!

Kirsten Suddath (VP and Systems Jedi)

Kirsten has been with the company since July, 2011. She currently lives in Boulder, which is also where she grew up! Kirsten attended the University of Colorado graduating with dual degrees in Math and Philosophy. She loves spending time with her boyfriend, Ben, and their dog, Buster. She also loves skiing (she was on the CU ski team!), soccer, reading and learning constantly.

She is most passionate about building a business that has sustainable practices, both in the goods and services it offers, as well as the way it sustains its employees and the community. She envisions RECYCOIL continuing to grow organically in the Colorado market, and SOURCE becoming a parent entity for several other start-ups! Kirsten is particularly excited about an education center and non-profit component.

Kirsten’s favorite food is tortilla soup, home-made, in the slow cooker! Topped with cheese and fresh, ripe avocado… yum!

Henry (Hank) Thuener (Big Bouncer)

Hank has been with the company since November 2013. He grew up in Redwood City, California and is a huge SF Giants fan. His daughter Ashley lives in Beaverton, Oregon, and Hank says the songs “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw and “Highway 20 Ride” by Zac Brown Band remind him of her, and recommends them to any fathers of daughters. Hank loves playing softball and singing Karaoke.

Hank used to deliver dairy for Diamond D Dairy as well as beer, wine and spirits for Beverage Distributors. He looks forward to continue growing the SOURCE customer base by reaching out to many of his contacts from previous distribution gigs. Hank prides himself on helping make connections among people and looks forward to helping grow SOURCE.

Hank loves ribs from the Rib House in Longmont and Boulder – he says, “you don’t even need a knife it’s so tender, and the flavor is incredible!” He also loves Cha Cha Bowl (serving Central American cuisine with black beans, rice, jerk and pineapple) at AT&T Park in San Francisco.

Jake Welsh (Graphics Guru)

Jake has been with the company since October 2011 and is the Graphics Guru behind the company’s websites, trucks and brochures. He is a Colorado native, born in Paonia, and now splits his time between the west slope, metro Denver, and traveling around Asia. Jake envisions SOURCE distributing as much food on the western slope as we do on the Front Range, and sees himself continuing to create our graphics and establish our brand identity. He would like to see SOURCE distribute local beer and spirits in the future as well!

When Jake isn’t working his magic on the computer, he can be found snowboarding, hiking and traveling. His favorite meal is called Cao Lau, which he says is only found in one town and he has to travel to the other side of the planet to get it!

Rosemary Whitenight (Local Foods Go to Gal)

Rosie has been with the company since February 2013. She came to the Denver area by way of Maui, HI and Vail, after growing up in Las Vegas, NV. Recycling is a great interest of hers, and she is passionate about the future of the planet and what impact the choices we make will have on the next generations. When it comes to food, Rosie is passionate about our health, and what impact our decisions towards farming will make on future generations. She envisions the company growing to become a national company.

When not rocking as the Local Foods Go to Gal, Rosie can be found painting, gardening, reading, and is an avid snowboarder. She and her husband Ted are expecting little William to join their family in February, 2014 – which will make a family of four counting their wonderful dog, Biscuit, whom Rosie calls Monkey Face.

Her favorite food is French Toast with Peanut Butter and Syrup.